Christian Nikolaus Opitz

I’m a freelance art historian, writer and photographer, currently sharing my time between Vienna and London. For some years now, I’ve been writing a blog (in German) dedicated to the architectural heritage of my home country, Austria, called Baudenkmäler in Östereich. Here on Choosing Symbols, I share notes and observations on buildings in London and other parts of Britain, focusing on (but not limiting myself to) lesser known structures and everyday architecture.

The blog’s name is derived from a handful of lines in Emily Hasler’s poem Cartography for Beginners which to me seem to encapsulate my aim of navigating both the sublime and the mundane in architecture: “Choose a symbol // for church/temple/mosque/synagogue. Choose // a symbol for pub.”

You can contact me…
…at: c.n.opitz[at]gmail[dot]com
…or find me on Twitter as: @c_n_opitz